introductory meme

I’ve decided to start this blog off by stealing a meme from Jordyn. Enjoy.

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was seven. So that means I was going to school (and not liking it even then), reading (and loving it even then), and spending lots of time wandering aimlessly around the woods making up stories with my imagination that was probably way better back then before my mind became so preoccupied with the real world.

What are five things you need to do today?

  1. My Spanish homework
  2. My math homework
  3. Finish reading Queste
  4. Clean up my room
  5. Answer more of the emails I’m behind on

Wow, I have a glamorous life, don’t I?

What are some snacks you enjoy?

Cheese. Cherries. Fresh (not canned) pineapple. Pizza. Swirly or shell-shaped pasta.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

I’d donate a lot to charity, no matter how goody-goody and untrue that might sound, well, it is true. I’d pay for my college tuition. I’d travel a lot. I’d put some into savings. I’d probably buy a ridiculous number of books and CDs and DVDs. And a new laptop. I’d be able to live wherever I wanted. I could afford the ridiculous exchange rate between here and Europe!

What are three bad habits?

Unlike Jordyn, I’m going to interpret this as three of my bad habits.

  1. Procrastination.
  2. Untidiness.
  3. Procrastination.

Name five places you have lived.

  1. Medina, Ohio.
  2. Kernersville, North Carolina.
  3. A Residence Inn.
  4. Asheville, North Carolina
  5. My grandparents’ house (or at least, sometimes it seems like I practically live there!).

What are five jobs you’ve had?

  1. Babysitter.
  2. Basketball concession worker and admissions seller.
  3. Hallmark.
  4. Dog Daycare.
  5. Website designer.

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