living in the moment

It’s common advice to focus on the present, live in the moment. It’s also common advice to think wisely about your future, especially for seventeen-year-olds who will soon be applying to college. It’s contradictory advice.

But, really, is it? Don’t we need a balance? We need to appreciate the present, and to make the most of it, but not at the expense of the future. We have to consider today and ten years from now with every decision we make. Sure, it’d be easier to decide that your life philosophy is to live for the now, or to live for the future, but you’ll never really be happy if you choose an absolute, I don’t think.

And that’s true with a lot of things in life. Absolutes are rarely the answer. Nothing’s black and white. Nothing’s that easy. Sure, life would be a lot less difficult if there were no shades of grey, no need for balance–but it would also be a hell of a lot less interesting, less terrible, less wonderful. You can’t have the highs without the lows, and I guess I, like everyone else, need to remember that more.

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  1. girljordyn Said:

    Living more in the moment. That’s something I’m trying to do more often.

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