Many of my friends are going to governor’s school this summer. I applied and really wanted it, but didn’t make the cut. Now, all my friends can talk about is how excited they are and how much fun they’re going to have. But guess what I’m doing this summer? Nothing exciting. I’ll hope to be productive, certainly, by working more (and thus earning more money) and applying for scholarships and figuring out my college application plans, but productive and exciting are very different things. It’s more than a little disappointing.

My summer is going to be stressful. I have to apply for scholarships, and narrow down my list of colleges to apply to, and figure out what I need to do for the actual applications. I am a little worried about all of this. Okay, a lot worried. First of all, though, is figuring out what to do, and I feel like I’m just floundering without a clue. I wish I had someone who’d gone through all of this around to help!


  1. girljordyn Said:

    Aw sorry you didn’t get what you wanted for this summer. Wish I could help with all the college stuff, but I pretty much just skipped all the frenzy. Speaking of which, child development final tomorrow! Hopefully I do good!!

  2. May Said:

    I know how you feel exactly. I applied to this summer research thing and unfortunately I didn’t make the cut. I hope everything goes well with your college application and scholarship!

    Good Luck,

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