100 Things That Make Me Happy

This comes from Jordyn. I have other updates, but more on that later. For now, just this. One hundred things that make me happy. In no particular order.

  1. My new laptop.
  2. The Spanish language.
  3. Discovering new music.
  4. Diet Pepsi.
  5. Big cities.
  6. Windows.
  7. Gorgeous views.
  8. Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night.”
  9. Tall buildings.
  10. My best friend’s car.
  11. Travelling.
  12. Dreaming of travelling, or making plans to travel, especially with my best friend.
  13. Beating my never-ending writer’s block.
  14. Books.
  15. Notebooks.
  16. Drawing.
  17. Taking *good* pictures.
  18. Hanging out with my friends.
  19. The internet.
  20. BreathSavers.
  21. That delicious chocolate cake my grandmother makes.
  22. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  23. Nirvana. The band, not the enlightened state, though I’m sure that’s nice,too.
  24. My dogs.
  25. My cats.
  26. Andrew the chicken.
  27. Typing.
  28. Papermate ball point pens.
  29. Sleeping late.
  30. Staying up long enough to see the sun rise.
  31. Happy memories of perfect moments.
  32. Long walks without a purpose or destination.
  33. Summer.
  34. Spring.
  35. Fall.
  36. Singing.
  37. Dancing.
  38. Laughing.
  39. Across the Universe.
  40. Lord of the Rings marathons.
  41. My friends, old and new, and finding even newer ones.
  42. The song “Seasons of Love” from Rent.
  43. Moments of peace, clarity, and certainty.
  44. Looking back at what I’ve written and not hating it.
  45. My 4.0.
  46. Daydreaming.
  47. Fresh air.
  48. Sunshine.
  49. Transportation.
  50. Being able to successfully navigate.
  51. Road trips with my friends. Not with my family.
  52. The song “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas.
  53. Feeling accepted.
  54. Maps.
  55. Ice skating.
  56. New books by my favorite authors.
  57. Sleeping.
  58. Staying up all night.
  59. Bowling.
  60. Soccer.
  61. Listening to loud music while riding in a car with the windows down.
  62. Downtown Asheville.
  63. Understanding music in Spanish.
  64. Surprising people in a good way.
  65. Being surprised in a good way.
  66. Making people happy.
  67. Having friends I can trust.
  68. Yearbooks.
  69. Riding in cars. Not driving.
  70. My cell phone.
  71. Supernatural. The TV show.
  72. Making fun of ridiculous movies, often on the Disney Channel.
  73. Feeling independent.
  74. Being independent.
  75. Planning my future.
  76. Long, late-night phone calls.
  77. Forgetting about people who leave and don’t say goodbye, if only for a moment.
  78. Gilmore Girls.
  79. Saved!
  80. Bags.
  81. Remembering to be environmentally friendly.
  82. National Geographic.
  83. Good-smelling lotion.
  84. Jewelery.
  85. Crazy/Beautiful.
  86. Having someone else believe in me.
  87. Feeling like I have choices.
  88. Living my life to the fullest.
  89. Five-card draw poker.
  90. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
  91. Thrift stores.
  92. Donation jars.
  93. 3 Musketeers bars.
  94. Pringles.
  95. Blogging.
  96. Red. The book, not the color.
  97. Colors.
  98. Black and white.
  99. Shades of grey.
  100. Life.
  101. Jordyn!

Yep, 101, but I couldn’t leave off that last one 🙂


  1. Kid Said:

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  2. girljordyn Said:

    Oh, Jocelyn, you are awesome. (Now that I read your list I feel like adding about 50 more things to mine, lol.) Haha. You’re in numbers 29 (Being able to have an intelligent, interesting discussion with someone who is has a different opinion than I.) and, of course, 76 (Just in general, friends far and near.)

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