back, after a long hiatus

I know. I’ve been away. I wasn’t at home. I was at North Carolina Governor’s School. You know, I wanted to be away from home, so it was pretty great, although it wasn’t quite the away from home that I wanted. But, enough with that. I am not talking about the past right now. I am talking about the future!

In my immediate future, I must decide where I want to apply to college. This is incredibly stressful to me, so I’m making plans to visit some of the schools I’m interested in. Several of these are in Boston. I’ve just bought a ticket–I’m going to Boston!

The last weekend in September, I’ll be flying up to Boston alone. I’ll be staying for three and a half days, visiting at least three universities. I’m going to stay with a cousin who’s in school up there. I am looking forward to it more than you can imagine! First of all, there’s the independence of travelling alone, without someone looking after me. Sure, my cousin will be there, but she knows (as my parents do not) that I do not need constant watching over. So that’s pretty exciting. Plus, I’ve never been to Boston before, and I’m looking forward to seeing the city. And, of course, I really want this visit to help me make some decisions about college.

I’ll probably also be going to DC and Baltimore to look at schools this fall, but that’s less exciting as my dad will probably be along on that trip. Not that I don’t love my dad, I just like my independence.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me.


  1. anilee Said:

    I love Boston. It’s my favorite city that I’ve been too. đŸ˜€

    What schools are you considering?

  2. girljordyn Said:

    I PROMISE that I really am working on your college list… almost done! It’s proving difficult though, and you know I have like zero info on the actual schools, right? I’m going by LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

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