the internet and me 10.31.2008

The results of my poll were inconclusive, so I’ve decided, as sort of a compromise, to post weekly link roundups of where I can be found on the internet on both Teen Book Review and my personal blog (and other places, when applicable). This includes only posts that could be of interest to both audiences. Feedback about this solution is welcome!

Check out this roundtable post on the Cybils blog with myself and the other YA panelists! The second part will be up Tuesday.

I posted on my personal blog about school and education–two things that do not necessarily go together. In fact, in my experience, they rarely do.

While we’re talking about school and learning, you might be interested in this post about standardized testing, or this one about the value of reading fiction. Also, see what I think about another activity that is often bashed as mindless, but can have real value: using the internet.

As is everyone else, I have been entrenched in politics lately. I’ve been watching the news, reading the papers, biting my nails and hoping for the outcome I want in the election. For a few of my thoughts, you can read my posts on YA For Obama about why voting is important and Michelle Obama’s famous statement about being proud of her country for the first time.

Check out this great Red news!

And while we’re kind of on the subject of my writing, I’d love feedback on the article I submitted to Teen Ink about visiting Morocco last summer.

Speaking of travel, I also posted some quotes and ideas about why travel is an important experience.

I think that’s it for this week. Enjoy!

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