I’ve applied to nine colleges so far, with four more to go. Is it crazy to apply to fourteen colleges? The general consensus is yes. However, it’s already starting to pay off–two acceptances so far! Neither one is a surprise, but it is a really awesome feeling to be wanted. There will be hopefully bigger celebrations to come if I’m accepted to my top choices, but I’m still REALLY happy about this. The letter today made a bad day into a good one. The situations with these two schools are very different, though.

The first to accept me was St. Louis University’s Madrid campus. I would LOVE to go to school in Madrid, and SLU is a Jesuit school, so I trust there is some educational quality at work there, even if it’s not top-rated. However, it would, of course, be very expensive. If I get a scholarship, they’ll tell me later this month, and I’ll also apply for financial aid, but it’s quite unlikely that I’ll be headed off to Madrid in the fall.

The second was St. John’s University, in Queens, New York. SJU is not of the highest academic quality, but as far as I can tell it’s solid. They also have an honors program which will be something to look into.  It’s not my top school, academically or socially or anything else, but…they offered me a Presidential Scholarship, which is full tuition as well as partial room and board. I know I can afford it, of course, and it’s in New York, so it’ll definitely be in consideration. I just hope that, if I don’t get a similar offer anywhere else, my parents don’t try to make this decision for me just because it’s affordable.

Which brings me to…What am I willing to do for the college education I want? How much am I willing to work? How many loans am I willing to take out? I guess that’s something that needs to be decided, unless one of my top choices decides to give me loads of money. But I know I’ll be going somewhere, to SJU if nowhere else, and it’s great to have that security right now. I really, really appreciate St. John’s right now, and even if I don’t end up going there, I’m grateful that they wanted me enough to offer me this opportunity.


  1. girljordyn Said:

    just the fact that you have the chance to go an live in NY next year makes me a bit jealous.

    but i hope you get to attend one of your top choices

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  3. Steph Said:

    Omg! Congrats, Jocelyn!!! Madrid, eh? And NY?!?!?

    I’m dying to know your top choices!

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