Random Acts of Kindness and Cheer

Today, as I was standing at my register in Kmart for the fifth hour, my feet hurting, my hands smelling gross (like pennies. I hate it), me thirsty and tired and just wanting to LEAVE, two elderly women came up to my register. Uncheerfully (it’s hard to be cheerful there), I rung up their purchases. As they were leaving, one woman handed me something, said something along the lines of “Have a good holiday,” and left. 

She had given me a piece of candy and a tiny card with a picture of Santa kneeling in front of baby Jesus with the American flag sticking out of Santa’s pocket, and the phrase “Every knee shall bow,” at the top, which is apparently a bible verse. The pictures were stamped and then colored in with pencils, it looks like. 

Weird? Very. But also, really nice. Funny and bizarre, definitely, but also…that’s a nice thought. Giving cheerful (weird) Christmas cards and candy to strangers who, I guess, look like they need something to brighten their day. While we should all have a bit more of a grasp on sanity than whoever thought that picture was normal, we should also try to be a little nicer to strangers. Most people come up and just yell at me because their shopping experience was not what they expected, but this woman was just very nice, and it did brighten my day, and only partially because I was able to laugh about it with my coworker, Jonnathan, when we weren’t too busy. 

It’s something we all should think about.

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  1. Very cool.

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