One Person

I’m worried about myself.

So much of my happiness depends on one person. That can’t be healthy. Even so, next year, he’ll be hours away, possibly in a different country from me, or even a different continent. Definitely a different city and state. 

What am I going to do? How I am I going to handle my life when he’s someone I call on the phone rather than someone I see every day? I’m worried.

It’ll make my life way less complicated, in some ways. But in others…I’m worried. 

This can’t be healthy.


  1. I’ve no idea, really, what you’re talking about–our situations might be entirely different–but then again…they might not be.

    Cause you sound an awfully lot like me in this post. I’m kind of worried about me, too.

  2. girljordyn Said:

    Oh Joce. I’m sorry. That really stinks. I didn’t realize how much this was affecting you and all I can say is that… somehow, we all find ways to get through. It’s not so much that you’ll find new people (though I’m confident you will) as that you’ll find a way to go on. There’ve been times in my life when so much of my happiness depended on one person too (different situations, but still…) and I remember how I felt when it all came crashing down.
    It sucked. But time passes and things happen and if you’re strong (and you are) you come out okay.

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