Extraordinary. Beyond ordinary. 

All of us are, in most respects, ordinary. Ordinary height. Ordinary face. Ordinary intellect. Ordinary athletic ability. 

But I think that we are all, in some way, extraordinary. We all have some gift (god-given or genetic, take your pick of explanations) that goes beyond what is ordinary. 

No, not me, you’re thinking. I’m not extraordinary. I’m not great at soccer. I’m no musical prodigy. I’m not a brilliant painter or model or photographer or linguist or runner or mathematician. And maybe you’re not. But if you haven’t found something that you are extraordinary at yet (I haven’t), I think you haven’t looked hard enough. 

It doesn’t have to be something that gets your face on magazines or your name in history books. It doesn’t have to be something that gets you millions of dollars or your own TV show. We can be extraordinary at something ordinary. You could be an extraordinary mechanic. The most glamourous of talents? Perhaps not. But certainly better than being an ordinary mechanic. You could be extraordinarily good at dealing with children. Will that get your name in history books? No, but it’ll make you a damn good babysitter. 

Why am I saying this? I’m not sure, it’s just on my mind. Hope you had a great Christmas.

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