These are 50 things I want to do. There’s not really a deadline for most of them. Just…experiences I want to have, and have not yet had. Some of them are significant, some are not. I tried to keep down the goal-ish things and stick to things that I can say, “yeah, that happened,” in a definite way. But I want to do them all. 

Thanks to Jordyn for helping with the list!

  1. I’m seventeen and I’ve never been kissed, so guess what’s on this list? Yeah.
  2. I want to go to a high school party, you know, like the stereotypical ones with the drinking and the random making out and all. Not that I want to participate, but it’s just an experience. 
  3. I want to skip school for no reason other than to skip.
  4. I want to go on a road trip without a predetermined destination.
  5. I want to go on a spur-of-the-moment trip to a strange city.
  6. I want to finish writing a novel.
  7. I want to steal something stupid, like a tray from a fast-food restaurant or a shopping cart or something else that won’t be missed and that I have no use for.
  8. I want to stay out all night. 
  9. I want to learn to drive and then use my newfound skill to drive across America.
  10. I want to spend time in Europe with an unlimited rail pass, no plans, and nothing but a backpack and a willingness to try new things and meet new people. 
  11. I want to spend Christmas in the Southern hemisphere–Christmas in the summer. 
  12. I want to play blackjack in Vegas. 
  13. I want to spend the night in a bus station. 
  14. I want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  15. I want to send a postcard to PostSecret.
  16. I want to really try to be a vegan.
  17. I want to fall in love with someone who falls in love with me.
  18. I want to see the northern lights.
  19. I want to keep a journal continuously and regularly for a year.
  20. I want to draw every day for a year.
  21. I want to take pictures every day for a year.
  22. I want to ride across Asia on the trans-siberian railroad. 
  23. I want to go to a concert. 
  24. I want to paint, like a big long-term painting on a canvas. 
  25. I want to learn to dance the tango in Buenos Aires.
  26. I want to discover a new favorite band…in real life instead of on the internet.
  27. I want to crash a wedding.
  28. I want to graffitti “You Are Beautiful” somewhere. 
  29. I want to drive/ride in a convertible/with all the windows down along California State Route 1, all up and down the coast.
  30. I want to go to the biggest bookstore in the world (and according to Wikipedia, several stores claim that title depending on how you define it, so I guess I’ll have to visit them all!).
  31. I want to ice skate on an actual pond or lake.
  32. I want to see three feet of snow. 
  33. I want to go to Carnival in Rio.
  34. I want to go a month without the internet, as much as I love it.
  35. I want to find the people from my past that I’ve lost touch with, and reconnect. 
  36. I want to go to Spanish language school in Guatemala.
  37. I want to go on a gondola in Venice.
  38. I want to ride on the London Eye.
  39. I want to live in a foreign country. 
  40. I want to learn to read palms and/or tarot cards.
  41. I want to see the horizon on all sides of me (I live in the mountains), on a clear day and on a clear night. 
  42. I want to spend all day in a movie theater, watching movie after movie but only paying once. 
  43. I want to go to a desert. No, make that two–a Southwestern Cactus-y desert and an Aladdin-esque rolling-sand-dunes type desert. 
  44. I want to be an extra in a movie. 
  45. I want to sing karaoke in front of strangers.
  46. I want to spend an entire day wandering Central Park. 
  47.  I want to go bungee jumping. 
  48. I want to go snorkeling in the Caribbean. 
  49. I want to spend all night talking with someone about life. Preferably in an appropriately nighttime setting, like Waffle House or something. 
  50. I want to hitchhike.


  1. k Said:

    well come hang out with me in Dallas for a little and I can help you out with a few!


  2. girljordyn Said:

    Bucket List, Bucket List! Ha my dad reminded me of this phrase yesterday & I guess what we have are our bucket lists. 🙂

    I love your list, by the way… esp. the things I added to it. This is all very exciting!

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