I know this girl, not well, but she’s an acquaintance, and she’s an actress. I’ve seen her in a couple of plays, and she’s really great. She’s also an awesome person–not just incredibly talented, but genuinely a really kind and wonderful person. Anyway, she got a part in One Tree Hill. A major TV show. I don’t mean an extra, I mean she actually got a part and spoke and everything. It was kind of surreal to see someone I know on TV (the news doesn’t count), and no one deserves that success more than she does. 

It makes you think about things, though. She’s seventeen, and an actress, and she’s really accomplishing things in her chosen field. What have I done? Not a lot, really, particularly because I’m not entirely sure what my goals are, what I want to be doing. Writing is one, and I’ve done okay there, but it’s not like I’m a published novelist or anything–in fact, if we’re using that as a marker of success and achievement, I haven’t even written a whole novel. I’ve been published once. I blog. But shouldn’t I be writing more, going after more opportunities, achieving more? I don’t know. I don’t know what the standard is. Sure, the girl mentioned in the first part of this post is probably not a good standard of comparison; most seventeen-year-olds haven’t done anything like that. But why shouldn’t she be the standard? Why shouldn’t we all be striving to meet that level of achievement? Answer: we probably should. It may or may not be possible, but we should try harder. I should try harder, I mean.


  1. girljordyn Said:

    Dude, I know EXACTLY what I want to do and look at what I’ve accomplished – nothing even CLOSE to that. I’m always feeling like I should have more done by now, but I get so sick of comparing myself to others. I do it all the time and really it does nothing but discourage me. It’s possible I need to just focus on what I HAVE done and AM doing, not what others have done that’s so much more.

  2. kReese SLOAN Said:

    Just testing everything out!

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