My Future, Decided

I’ve made my decision. Next year, I’ll be going to Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. If you’re interested, the school website is here and there are some cool panoramas of Bremen here. And here is a video of free hugs made in Bremen:

I quite enjoy it. And I like the song. 

I’m mailing the forms and wiring the deposit tomorrow. And then I have a lot to do! I have to go to Radio Shack and see what voltage adapters and converters and such I need. I have to buy plane tickets. I have to talk to my bank and see if they can accomodate me living in Europe or if I need to change banks. I have to decide what I’m taking, what’s cheaper to buy there, and what I don’t need. I have to start frantically studying German. There are many preparations to be made. 

I have some reservations. Bremen isn’t a very big city, and I’m a fan of big cities. The course selection isn’t as varied as I’d like it to be. But the people seem awesome, and living in Europe will be an amazing opportunity. Even the most mundane things, like buying toothpaste, will, at first, be an adventure because they’ll be so different. I’ve never even visited a country where I don’t speak the language at least well enough to get by except Morocco but that doesn’t count because I was with a guided tour. 

I’m nervous, and, like I said, there are some things I’m not sure about, but I’ll never know unless I try, and when else will I get this chance? So I’m taking a chance, and I’m going with the option that isn’t certain, isn’t safe, isn’t something I know I love. I’m going with “adventurous” and “exciting.” Or maybe “reckless” and “stupid.” Or maybe all four. And I’m excited.


  1. Michael Said:

    My goodness. Germany?

    I deeply admire your bravery.

    Good luck.

  2. Здравствуйте , с обмениваетесь ссылками можно?

  3. Так-так… необходимо будит приглядеться к данной нам области

  4. D Said:

    I realize this post is nearly 2 years old, but I am wanting to study abroad in Germany myself, and am very interested in Jacob’s University… I have a German friend who lives there and have just visited the city a couple of weeks ago (and love it!) I was googling to see if I could find anybody who has experienced this already or was planning to and ran across your blog… If you could give me any info on your experience that would be awesome 🙂

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