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wildfire (or: i am a slave to the television)

I think it’s been, what, four seasons that the ABC Family series Wildfire has been running. I’ve been watching from the beginning, despite all the soapiness and cheese. A lot of what happens is more than a little ridiculous. But, you know what, it’s entertaining. And I love it anyway!

Well, tonight was the last episode. The series finale. And it sucked. Cheesy-happy ending, for one thing, but for another, it just was not a good episode. It kind of felt like an art project by insane small children rather than an actual TV show written and produced by supposed professionals. It was so ridiculous, I thought that the last half of the episode was a dream she’d wake up from…But it wasn’t. Despite the people weirdly appearing out of the woods where there was no room for them to have been hiding. Ditto the tent. It was just weird. And disappointing.

There’s one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the principal overhears Giles calling Buffy the slayer, and he changes it to saying, “You’re all slaves to the television.” Guess what? I am a slave to the television!

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